Trial Services

Leverage our deep experience supporting trial design and data analysis

We have over 35 years of experience working with pharmaceutical, biotech, and CRO companies, supporting over 100 clinical and preclinical trials. Our services include study setup assistance, training, and data review. These services enable sites to gather consistent, quality data across multiple locations worldwide.

Services for preclinical research

We have a rich history of being involved in all phases of preclinical research. Our preclinical CELERIS system is currently being used to study genetics in countless labs worldwide.

Services for gene therapy trials

Our DiagnosysFST was used as an endpoint for LUXTURNA, the first FDA approved gene therapy and continues to be an endpoint for the efficacy of this treatment.

Quantify luminance thresholds for low vision patients with DiagnosysFST

ERG can phenotype Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs), but when the ERG goes flat, FST quantifies residual function. DiagnosysFST, Full-field Stimulus Threshold, quantifies the lowest levels of visual perception. This psychophysical method involves a 2-button response box, wherein patients affirmatively respond Yes or No to seeing a flash. This method continues to evolve as treatments advance.

Graph: a high quality FST result.

EER: Electrically Evoked Response

EER is being used on patients with no light perception to screen candidates for regenerative therapies.An EER electrically stimulates the visual system. This method of stimulation bypasses the photoreceptors, directly stimulating post-photoreceptor pathways. Diagnosys’s patented EER stimulates and measures an electrical response.

This method is not currently FDA approved.

EER Electrically stimulated Photoreceptors

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