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Celeris, our flagship preclinical system, revolutionizes rodent testing with dual function stimulator-electrodes. We also offer ERG solutions for other small to large animals. 


We offer four broad categories of visual function tests—electrophysiology, psychophysical, objective acuity, and pupillometry, providing a complete picture of a person’s visual function.

Trial Services

Our services include study setup assistance, training, and data review. These services enable sites to gather consistent, quality data across multiple locations worldwide.

Supporting researchers and clinicians worldwide for more than forty years

Three reasons to partner with the premier manufacturer of electrophysiology systems


We design all our hardware and software in-house to our and our customers’ exact specifications.


Our patented and trademarked platforms span the range from preclinical to clinical use, providing researchers and clinicians with products that have the broadest use and capability in the market.


Our longstanding relationships within the electrophysiology community allow us to cross the bridge from academic labs into patient clinics, enabling easier collaboration between institutions.

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  • Retinal Gene Therapy Once Again Utilizes FST Testing

    DiagnosysFST continues to be an important diagnostic tool to quantitatively evaluate the efficacy of breakthrough gene therapies for inherited retinal degeneration. We recently witnessed a new breakthrough in gene editing. This time it’s for CEP290-associated inherited retinal degeneration (IRD), thanks to the BRILLANCE study sponsored by Editas Medicine. In a recent paper published in the…

  • ERG for Children

    Discover the abridged ERG for children. Full-field ERG is a pivotal diagnostic tool for detecting generalized retinal dysfunction and identifying functional abnormalities within the retina. The International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV) ERG sets the gold standard for this testing method by defining stimulus and recording parameters. These parameters are designed to trigger…

  • E3 System on the International Space Station

    Diagnosys E3 Ophthalmic Electrophysiology System begins its use on the International Space StationResearch on changes to the eye and brain during long-duration spaceflight now uses the Diagnosys E3 system to measure retinal function. Lowell, MA – Diagnosys LLC announced that its E3 system with Envoy and ColorBurst stimulators has been successfully installed at the International Space…

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