Preclinical Products

CELERIS: Visual Electrophysiology Simplified

Celeris is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for rodent and small animal visual electrophysiology! Its sleek design makes for a high-throughput machine that is simple even for novices.

Exploded Celeris

Light Guide Electrodes

A dual function electrode-stimulator simultaneously delivers light stimulus while recording neural activity. How does it work? Our patented design wraps a conductive metal around a ‘light pipe’ that directly touches the eye.


Flash Stimulation

RGB color with optional UV

Sizes made for different animals

Luminance ranges dim to bright


Pattern Stimulation

Pattern ERG and VEP

Dual eye pattern stimulation

Multifocal ERG

Celeris Accessories

isofluorane molecule

Nose Cone

Isoflurane gas may be used as an alternative to the standard injectable anesthetics. Diagnosys offers tubing shaped to fit with the Celeris.


Rabbit Kit

Celeris can accommodate larger animals, like rabbits, with a table extension and specialty stimulators used in conjunction with jet electrodes.


espion logo

Espion Software

All systems run on our powerful Espion software. Enjoy limitless customization – or simply utilize our standard test package. Bulk export software package available upon request.

eXporter logo

eXporter Software

Bulk export software package is available for users looking to export multiple test files and convert them to .TXT files.

Additional Research Systems

e3 combinations

E3 Combinations

Combine any Diagnosys flash or pattern stimulator with any electrode to test any animal.

Lab Cradle

ColorDome stimulator using traditional gold electrodes or your custom electrodes, on species from zebrafish to rodents.

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