Website Launch Announced by Diagnosys

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Posted on Sunday December 6, 2020

Packed with new features, this website launch is the upgrade our customers deserve.

Website Launch

The historical events in 2020 required businesses to rapidly embrace digital communication in order to survive government mandated  quarantining and social distancing. To meet these challenges, Diagnosys proudly announces the launch of its completely redesigned website that will allow us to better digitally serve our present and future customers.

Some of the exciting changes to the website include the brand new Resource Center.  Not only will the Resource Center continue to provide the same high-level customer service as before, but it will now also provide a growing library of papers and videos guaranteed to simplify vision function testing for everyone. In addition, we have added an online store to help expedite accessory purchases.

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to work with the leading electrophysiology doctors and researchers throughout the world, which uniquely positions Diagnosys at the nexus of research and clinical use. As a result, our new website will highlight current research and new discoveries in the field of vision function testing.

The customizability of our equipment makes us unique in the industry, and our new website makes it easy to understand which of our systems and stimulators you need to meet your clinical or research goals. Instead of waiting for the next trade show to browse through our equipment, you can now easily browse through our website.

Whether you are new to vision function testing or already a world-renowned researcher, brings our thirty plus years of expertise right to your fingertips. How can we help you reach your clinical and research goals?