Visual Electrophysiology Masterclass

A panel of guest speakers.

This is an online masterclass event co-hosted by BioMedix and Diagnosys LLC.

Day 1 Session 1: Electrophysiology in Retinal Disorders

Moderator: Dr Rupak Roy 

Panelists: All speakers, Dr Dhanashree Ratra, Dr Chetan Rao, Dr Vinod Kumar 

4:30 Dr Parveen Sen; Physiology and clinical application of Full-field ERG 

12:45 Dr Tony Robson; Clinical application of ISCEV Extended ERG protocols 

28:00 Dr Omar A Mahroo; The electronegative waveform 

44:45 Panel Discussion, Q&A from attendees 

Day 1 Session 2 Electrophysiology in Retinal disorders: Part 2

Moderator: Dr Muna Bhende  

Panelist: All Speakers, Dr Poornachandra, Dr Sumita Agarkar, Dr Simar Rajan Singh 

59:30 Dr Stuart Coupland; mfERG in screening and follow up of HCQ Toxicity 

1:12:00 Dr Rupa Anjanamoorthy; Pediatric Electrophysiology  

1:24:00 Dr Suresh Viswanathan; Basics and Clinical Applications of PhNR 

1:38:00 Dr Tapas Padhi; Clinical overview of EOG and its role in retinal disorders 

1:48:30 Panel Discussion, Q&A from attendees

Day 1 Session 3: Technical Aspects of Electrophysiology 

Moderator: Ramya and Jeff Farmer

2:06:00 Mr Jeff Farmer; Artefacts in recording ERG

2:15:15 Ms. Ramya S; Trouble shooting in visual electrophysiology recording  

2:23:00 Mr Vikram; ERG demonstration

2:27:00 Mr Nagappan; VEP demonstration 

2:33:00 Ms Indu; EOG demonstration

2:37:00 Panel Discussion, Q&A from attendees

Day 2 Session 4: Electrophysiology in Neuro Ophthalmology 

Moderator: Dr Parveen Sen 

Panel: All speakers, Dr Rashmin Gandhi, Dr Shikha Bassi 

2:26:35 Dr Neha Goel; VEP, Technique and Application 

2:59:00 Dr Graham Holder; Application of PERG and VEP in Optic Nerve disorders (this talk has been removed by request of the speaker)

2:59:45 Dr Alki Liasis; VEP in Albinism 

3:12:00 Panel Discussion, Q&A from Attendees 

Day 2 Session 5: Expanded role of Electrophysiology 

Moderator: Dr Arshee Ahmed

Panelist: All speakers, Dr Rajani Battu, Dr Sudha Ganesh, Dr Vaishali Gupta

3:29:20 Dr Subhadra Jalali; ERG in vascular retinopathies 

3:46:00 Dr Graham Holder; Electrophysiology in Uveitis (this talk has been removed by request of the speaker)

3:46:56 Dr. Naheed Khan; Essential clinical and Electrophysiological considerations for establishing therapeutic interventions in IRDs 

4:13:30 Panel Discussion, Q&A from Attendees