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Espion Software V6.64

New Features and Bug Fixes


  • ColorFlash protocols now include the ability to flicker by holding the trigger. Releasing the trigger ends the flicker


  • Fixed infinite spawning of tabs in the multifocal display

FST Enhancements

  • New parameters added to the setup tab that allow adjustment of background light, pulse, and flicker frequency during the test
  • A new feature that allows a single graph for all responses to all colors
  • Average ā€™nā€™ values are now the sum of all trials for all included tests
  • Average period value is now the average period of all included tests
  • An expanded range of options for pulse length


  • The E2 Console is no longer able to support these new features
  • ERG and VEP protocol step names may now be modified from the step tab of the run-time window
  • The ERG and VEP export is now easier to read and provides the software version with which the test was performed
  • Calibration message now lists the last calibration date
  • When creating desktop shortcuts, you can now specify both database and local configurations
  • Fixed unsorted (ā€˜Uā€™) listings to now display in alphabetical order


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