Software Version V6.63 Release

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Posted on Monday October 4, 2021

Software Version V6.63 released on May 8 2020


New Features and Bug Fixes:

ColorFlash Module Added

  • Software support for new ColorFlash, Pediatric Stimulator

Dark Adaptometry Enhancements

  • Rod and cone threshold markers
  • Rod/Cone Break markers
  • Auto-Stop for Rhodopsin Regeneration Rate, AMD protocol

FST Enhancements

  • Light Adapted FST option
  • Flicker Stimulus option
  • Auto-Locate starting intensity for shorter test time

Database Features

  • Option to merge two or more databases
  • Option to create desktop shortcuts for specific databases
  • Transfer in multiple tests at once

Added a Research Tab

  • Eliminate sweeps that are more than 2 standard deviations from the mean
  • Useful for testing when winces, grimaces, or micro blinks are expected

Print enhanced for High Resolutions Screens


Celeris ‘No Ground’ Default Option


Celeris Dual Eye Pattern Stimulation Option


Increase the software startup time by 5 seconds


Various bug fixes


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