Software Releases

  • Espion Software V6.67.10

    Espion Software V6.67.10

    New Features Enhanced encryption. Added support for rodent multifocal ERG. Added support for the latest version of firebird up to version 5.

  • Espion Software V6.66

    Espion Software V6.66

    New Features and Bug Fixes ColorFlash Fixed a bug introduced by 64.15 which affected ColorFlash high-intensity flicker

  • Espion Software V6.64.15

    Espion Software V6.64.15

    New Features and Bug Fixes Ability to support new LI-LCD This software version now supports LI-LCD luminance artifact rejection ColorDome Calibration Enhanced ColorDome’s internal calibration check to show red, yellow, and green calibration status Fixed eXporter Software Bug eXporter now always assigns tests to the correct subject

  • Espion Software V6.64

    Espion Software V6.64

    New Features and Bug Fixes ColorFlash ColorFlash protocols now include the ability to flicker by holding the trigger. Releasing the trigger ends the flicker Multifocal Fixed infinite spawning of tabs in the multifocal display FST Enhancements New parameters added to the setup tab that allow adjustment of background light, pulse, and flicker frequency during the…

  • Espion Software V6.63

    Espion Software V6.63

    New Features and Bug Fixes ColorFlash Module Added Software support for new ColorFlash, Pediatric Stimulator Dark Adaptometry Enhancements Rod and cone threshold markers Rod/Cone Break markers Auto-Stop for Rhodopsin Regeneration Rate, AMD protocol FST Enhancements Light Adapted FST option Flicker Stimulus option Auto-Locate starting intensity for shorter test time Database Features Option to merge two…