Diagnosys offers a variety of services to meet our customer’s needs including calibration, software, upgrades, and warranties. We also have over forty years experience providing world-class training and support for clinical trials.



In accordance with ISCEV guidelines, Diagnosys recommends an annual stimulator calibration to ensure accuracy of light output in order to maintain testing integrity. To calibrate, we use an IL1700 that is annually calibrated to meet strict US NIST standards.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Diagnosys is the world’s most experienced company in visual function testing for clinical trials. We design, implement, and support every phase of a clinical trial whether using electrophysiology, psychophysical or pupillometry tests. We will customize your Diagnosys system and protocols to achieve your trial’s objectives even if the trial requires novel test protocols. Our software features audit trails, central server options, bulk data transfer, and much more. Throughout the trial we can provide ongoing support, training, and communication with study sponsors, sites, and reading centers.


Protocol Creation

All Diagnosys systems are preloaded with electrophysiology protocols in accordance with ISCEV standards. Psychophysical, pupillometry, and objective acuity protocols are regularly updated based on industry research. Diagnosys works with premier researchers and clinicians from around the world creating new protocols that are then available to our other customers.

software update

Software Updates

All customers have access to free software updates. A purchase of Diagnosys equipment comes with 2 software licenses, additional licenses may be purchased through your local sales representative. Also, upgrade software modules are available.



Our world-class support team provides customized personal training in the use of our systems, which includes protocol optimization, the science of electrophysiology for both clinical and research customers, and analyzing tests results. A training package is highly recommended with any new purchase of a Diagnosys system. Ongoing training is also available. Any training can occur either onsite or remotely. Medical interpretation training is also available in USA & Canada with Dr. Stuart Coupland from the Ottawa Eye Institute.



A one-year warranty is included with the purchase or lease of any system. An extended warranty is also available, at additional cost. Questions about your warranty? Our experts are ready to help.