Network a Database

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Posted on Wednesday February 17, 2021


There are several reasons to put your Espion database on a network:

  • to allow multiple Espion systems to share a single database
  • to take advantage of your server’s automatic backup features
  • to connect an analysis machine to the system’s database for remote test analysis


To network your database:


1. Choose where you want the database to reside – on an acquisition machine’s computer or on a server. For clarity, we refer to the machine with the database on it as the SERVER and the other, accessing computer(s) as a CLIENT.


2. Assuming you want another computer to be the server, copy the database from the Espion computer to the server e.g to a directory called \DATABASES\ESPION.FDB By default, databases are located in C:\Multifocal\Databases (for V6 systems).


3. If you wish to consolidate multiple databases from multiple machines, do that now. Contact support for assistance, (article pending).


4. You must now install Firebird Database Server Software onto the host computer. You can find a setup file for Firebird in the location C:\Multifocal\Firebird and Utilities\Firebird*.exe.


5. TCP/IP port 3050 must be open on all computers/servers (it is by default).


6. Check that the acquisition computer(s) can now see the server computer on the network and vice versa (using Windows tools). The server machine must have a static IP address.


7. Finally, run the Espion software on the client and go to Database Center. Connect to the database on the server by pressing ‘Connect’, select the database. Click ‘Start’ – you should be taken to the database, now hosted on the server.



Connect to:\multifocal\databases\espion.fdb

Database is Stored: c:\multifocal\databases\espion.fdb 

Address of Server Computer: