Database Backup

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Posted on Wednesday February 17, 2021


Diagnosys strongly recommends backing up your database on a regular basis and before a software update. To prevent data loss, save your database in two separate locations on the local drive, as well as to an external hard drive.


To back up your Diagnosys Database:


1. Go to Database Center

Database Center

2. Click on Backup


This will save a backup to your specified location.


To configure backup settings:


First navigate to Configure System.

Configure System


Autobackup will back up your database file, calibration files, local configuration settings, and print layouts. This autobackup database file will be overridden each time the software is closed. This method is designed to prevent data loss in the event of a hard drive failure. You must have an external USB drive plugged into the computer – it’s best to keep this USB drive plugged in at all times.


1. Once in Configure System, navigate to PROGRAM, then Global.

2. Set the Autobackup Database location as the external USB drive.

3. Make sure that the Autobackup is enabled.

Database Autobackup


Database backup will back up your entire database to an external drive or network location. This backup is set on a periodic basis i.e. monthly, weekly, or manual. A prompt box will appear at this interval; the user must then press “Backup” to save the file. This method is intended to prevent data loss in the event of file corruption.


1. In Configure System, navigate to PROGRAM, then Database.

2. Set the Backup Destination and Frequency.

3. A prompt box will appear on the Next Backup Date, click “Backup” at that time.

Database Backup

Close and save all changes.


Now your database with all patient and test data is backed up.