Connect or Create a Database

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Posted on Wednesday February 17, 2021


Diagnosys allows you to access multiple databases from the same machine so you can easily switch between databases or even create new ones. If you are seeking to access your data from a remote computer, contact us about Software Licenses.


Connect to an existing database:


1. Select Database Center

Database Center

2. Click on Connect

3. Browse for the desired database, Open

 By default, databases are stored in the C:/Multifocal/Databases folder.

4. Return to the start menu with the new database connected

You may now access the contents of this database.


Creating a new database is just as simple.


Create a New Database:


1. In Database Center, select New

2. Create a file name for the new database, click Save

3. Select Yes to connect to this new database.


You may now begin to utilize the new database.