Auto Calibration

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Posted on Friday April 9, 2021

Auto-calibration utilizes an internal photocell to measure the stimulator’s light output. This software feature helps to ensure accuracy of light output but only addresses minor deviations. It does not supplant routine calibration.


To Check a Stimulator’s Calibration Status


1. Enable the Auto-calibration feature through the software. From the Home Page of the Software, open Configure System > Program > Global > Debug Mode, set Debug Mode to 1. Then close and save.


2. Run auto-calibration when opening a protocol. Turn out the room lights and cover the opening/surface with a dust cover or dark/opaque material to prevent ambient light from entering.


3. Evaluate Calibration Status – notice the numbers generated in the Factor column.

Note: If all readings show 1.00 and many years have passed since your last calibration, then auto-calibration is unable to make a correction.