Amplifier Firmware Update

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Posted on Thursday May 13, 2021

Certain software versions may require amplifier firmware to be updated.

To update amplifier firmware:

First navigate to the Windows Start Menu and search for “LPC2000 Flash Utility”. You will see the following pop-up window; adjust the settings to match.

  1. Place a check in the box beside “Use DTR/RTS for Reset and Bood Loaner Selection”
  2. Place a check in the box beside “Execute Code after Update”
  3. Change “XTAL Freq” to 12000
  4. Browse for the latest Amplifier Firmware file. It will be located in C:/Multifocal/Amplifier Flash and named “ARM_32BIT_V6_8.hex”
  5. Change “Use Baud Rate” to 38400
  6. Set “Connected To Port” to COM4 (or COM5, both should work)
  7. Click on “Upload to Flash”

This query is complete once the blue bar stretches all the way across the bottom of the window. At that point you are free to close this pop-up window and proceed with normal usage.


In case you run into the “Cannot communicate with Test Board!” error message, close the LPC window. Open and close the regular Espion ERG software. Then try this process again. If the error persists, try restarting the computer. If still you it cannot communicate, please contact Support.