Access Databases with Direct Desktop Shortcuts

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Posted on Thursday June 17, 2021


If your office or lab is regularly working with multiple databases, you may like to create desktop shortcuts that directly navigate to each one.


To create a database desktop shortcut:


1. Create a desktop shortcut by right clicking and selecting Create Shortcut from the Multifocal.exe program in the C:/Multifocal folder

2. Move this new shortcut to the desktop and rename it  

3. Right click and choose Properties then find the Target: information 

4. Change Target: to the following  


C:\Multifocal\multifocal.exe “DATABASE:C:\MULTIFOCAL\DATABASES\***.FDB” 

Where *** is your database name in all caps 


If you would like to specify that the Hardware be turned off, then add “HARDWARE:OFF” as follows: 




Your desktop shortcut should not direct you to a specifically chosen database.